Guest Speakers

Throughout the year in addition to the regular meetings and activities of Bethel Christian Assembly other special events are also held, in particular talks from leading speakers from churches and other Christian organisations both from home and around the world. Such events will be advertised at the appropriate time on the website.


Date Event
Sunday 28th October 2018 Pastor Bill Randles from Believers in Grace Ministries, Iowa, USA
Sunday 14th October 2018 Jacob Prasch, Director of Moriel Ministries
Thursday 9th August 2018 Chaim & Deanna Malespin from Aliyah Return Centre, Galilee
Sunday 17th June 2018 Tommy Fretwell from Creation Ministries International
Sunday 1st April 2018 Jacob Prasch, Director of Moriel Ministries
Friday 23rd February 2018 Philip Bell from Creation Ministries International